How To Make Pink Tea: Kashmiri pink tea treats stress, also removes abdominal bloating.


How To Make Pink Tea: Pink tea is a famous beverage in Kashmir. Pink tea is prepared with the help of cloves, cardamom, baking soda, and many types of dry fruits. That’s why your body gets many benefits by consuming it. By drinking pink tea, you avoid stomach-related problems like burning sensation, acidity, and bloating. In such a situation, today we have brought you the recipe for making Kashmir’s special pink tea.

Its use provides warmth to your body. Along with this, you stay away from stress as well, so let’s know how to make pink tea (How To Make Pink Tea)…

Ingredients required to make pink tea-

800 ml water
½ tsp cloves
3 cardamom
300 ml milk
½ tbsp sugar
1 tbsp pistachios
1 tbsp green tea
1 quarter tbsp baking soda
1-star anise
2 saffron
2 almonds
pinch pink color

How to make pink tea? (How To Make Pink Tea) To

make pink tea, first of all, take water in a pan.
Then add cardamom, cloves and green tea, etc. to it and boil it.
After this, add baking soda to it and mix it well.
Then when it is cooked well, you turn off the gas.
After this, add milk and sugar to another pan.
Then you cook this mixture till it thickens well and turns off the gas.
After this, you put half of the milk mixture in a bowl.
Then you put the tea prepared earlier in the cups.
Now your delicious pink tea is ready.
Then you put ice cubes and pistachios on top of it and serve hot.