How to maintain the health of your home garden



Living a healthy life requires a lot of plants. Terrace gardening is fairly popular in India, and it’s becoming more and more popular to grow various kinds of plants indoors as well. However, simply growing plants won’t guarantee a healthy environment; you also need to take good care of them. Here are some suggestions for maintaining the health of your plant and shielding it from various viruses, bacteria, and diseases.

Choosing the right fertiliser is important since too much of any fertiliser can burn plant roots and impair their ability to absorb water. The plants are consequently more vulnerable to drought, cold, and heat stress.

Water your yard properly because many diseases require the same amount of water as plants do. Select watering techniques that minimise moisture on a plant’s leaf to prevent providing these diseases with a habitat they adore.

To prevent herbivores, vermin, and other garden pests from harming your plants, erect a barrier around your garden bed, such as a wire fence.

Take care of your soil: Soil deteriorates over time and needs to be periodically renewed. Verify the condition of your garden soil and replace it as needed. New soil can be purchased at a nearby garden centre.

Pick the proper plant: Just because you like a certain plant doesn’t guarantee that it will grow effectively in your garden. You need to pick plants that are suitable for your planting conditions as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Plants should not be crowded together because there will be competition for light, water, and nutrients, which will result in poor growth. These vulnerable plants are more easily attacked. When plants are close to one another, it is more probable that an infected leaf may come into contact with a healthy one, which is another way that diseases might spread.

Having a healthy environment is crucial for living a long and healthy life. Our environment is kept in good condition by plants. Because of this, simply adding plants to your home is insufficient; maintaining them is crucial.