How much of Al Jazeera’s assertion that “Hindus beheaded the priest…” is true?”



Patna: A perfect example of how propaganda news outlets distribute fake news to further their hatred agenda has surfaced. In fact, Al Jazeera Arabic published false news regarding the cleric’s death on Sunday, accusing Hindus (June 19, 2022). In a story, the media outlet stated that a priest was slain by Hindus in Siwan, Bihar. On Twitter, Al Jazeera Arabi shared a post. In Arabic, it says, “A photo of a mosque’s Imam, who was assassinated by Hindus, has gone viral on social media sites. He was beheaded by Hindus while sleeping in a mosque in the Khalispur village of Siwan.

In addition, Al Jazeera has used the hashtags ‘Justice for Imam Sivan’ and ‘Justice for Siwan Cleric’ in its posts to call for an investigation into the case and the arrest of the killers as quickly as possible. However, the reality surrounding the killing of the preacher in Bihar’s Siwan region differs significantly from Aj Jazeera’s story. The event occurred during the night of June 9-10 at Vale Khalispur hamlet, which is located in the Mufassil police station area of Siwan district. The 85-year-old preacher has been identified as Safi Ahmed, who was assassinated by villagers inside the mosque.

According to the article, Maulvi Safi Ahmed and local Patidars had a land dispute. According to local SHO Vinod Kumar Singh, the cleric was involved in a family feud with several residents of the area. A case has been filed in response to the family members’ complaints, and an investigation is currently underway. The cleric was believed to have been assassinated in a land dispute, according to police. Locals learned of the occurrence on the morning of June 10 when a cleaner arrived to clean the mosque in preparation for Jumei prayers. When he saw the maulvi’s lifeless body, he made a disturbance, and the people around him came running. After that, the police were notified. When police arrived on the scene, they took possession of the body and brought it to a morgue for an autopsy.

Simultaneously, the maulvi’s son, Ashfaq Ahmed, stated that he owns an ancestral home in the hamlet. On May 22, Safi’s eldest brother’s grandson married. In order to accommodate the guests, his father’s (Safi Ahmed) elder brother Umar Ahmed vacated the house from him. His father has been sleeping in the mosque at night since then. One of their rooms was closed when they returned to their residence after the nikah. They (the family) refused to open the lock and threatened Ashfaq and his father with death. Later, the matter was taken to the panchayat, but they were denied justice there as well. The court found in his family’s favour five months ago. The case was in court for five years.

Safi Ahmed was supposed to go to the Janata Darbar at the police station on Saturday with a complaint that the room was locked, according to sources. The family members said that they had done all of the necessary preparations and had gathered all of the necessary documentation. Safi Ahmed told his family’s sons about everything on Thursday. Safi had gone to sleep on the top of the mosque after performing prayers due to the extreme heat on the night of the incident. He was then assassinated by unidentified assailants in a well-planned plot. Throughout the show, it is discovered that Safi Ahmed was killed by family members over a property dispute, but Al Jazeera gave it a communal spin by claiming he was decapitated by Hindus to agitate Muslims, which has not been substantiated.