How Men’s Lifestyle Decisions Can Impact Their Fertility is Described by an Expert


Most people don’t realise that men frequently have lifestyle difficulties that may also cause infertility, yet women are frequently held responsible when a couple is unable to have a child. These decisions in life may lead to abnormal sperm or possibly erectile dysfunction.

It is a prevalent misconception that a man’s age has no bearing on his fertility, according to Dr. Gunjan Gupta, the founder and director of Gunjan IVF World Group. While men likewise gradually lose their fertility as they age, their lifestyle choices might really pose serious risks to the growth of an unborn kid.

The expert claims that the largest barrier to fatherhood for males is their chaotic lifestyle.

Following are a few things to watch out for in order to prevent infertility:


It is well recognised that smoking may increase the risk of male infertility. It has an impact on men’s sperm morphology, motility, and production.


The testosterone levels and physical capabilities of a man can be impacted by obesity, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, and some types of cancer.


Since a balanced diet can generally be beneficial for general health, emotional wellness, and physical skills, food plays a significant influence in improving fertility.

Drinking alcohol

Men’s sperm counts can potentially be impacted by alcohol. It can also lower men’s testosterone levels, which can make them less sexually active.

environmental elements

Your sperm count may suffer if you come into touch with pesticides, pollution, or other dangerous chemicals.

Exercise inactivity:

Exercise has been shown to help with fertility as well as general wellness. Daily exercise can aid in raising your natural testosterone levels, which boost fertility.