House applauds its female MLAs from the “bolo, bolo” refrain Aapne kamaal kar diya


“Men, please exercise patience,” the speaker said. On Thursday, the male members of the House repeatedly attempted to speak for and direct the female MLAs, and UP Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana had to remind them of this.

The UP Legislative Assembly set aside the day as a first-of-its-kind opportunity for female members to speak on topics that affected them.

The day started with male members encouraging their female coworkers to “bolo, bolo” (talk, speak) while some were apprehensive and held lengthy handwritten notes in their hands, while others were getting their statements approved by senior party leaders. But the anxiety quickly subsided.

Men praised their female coworkers for their oratory as the meeting went on and thumped desks to indicate their support.

Upon Anupama Jaiswal’s conclusion, a BJP minister said, “Arrey aap to bahut achi speaker hain (You are an excellent speaker),” with a tone of surprise in his voice. It was Jaisawal who spoke first. Others soon joined in, saying things like “You were great” and “Bahut acha bola apne” (You spoke really well).

The special session proved to be a “eye-opener” for political parties, whether they were in power or in opposition, as they discovered fresh orators among them who not only aired their personal concerns and issues, but also spoke about their supporters and their party’s ideology.

Many of their male peers stood up and took notice of them when some of them used anecdotes, while others highlighted French philosopher Albert Camus and former US First Lady Michelle Obama.

38 of the 403-member Assembly’s 47 women MLAs—24 from the BJP, 10 from the SP, three from the Apna Dal, and the lone representative from the Congress—attended the special session.

On Wednesday, a few of them made their Assembly debuts.

Seven female MLAs stood in solidarity with Samajwadi Party MLA Pooja, who sought that her notice be taken up by easing all the rules, as the House observed togetherness.

First-time legislator and practising MBBS doctor Ragini from the Samajwadi Party claimed that despite being elected, female MLAs still face discrimination because their male counterparts and officers don’t take them seriously. Despite making about half of the population, only 9% of women are represented in the UP Assembly, according to the MLA from Macchalishahr.

Aradhana Mishra, the head of the Congress Legislative Party, claimed that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who reshaped the world’s geography by establishing Bangladesh, served as her inspiration.

Gulab Devi, a BJP politician, claimed that the government was empowering women to be independent.

She cited the Yogi Adityanath government’s initiatives as evidence that the state’s situation for women has improved since its creation.

Speaker Satish Mahana stated at the beginning of the session that many people had expressed astonishment when he first proposed the concept of designating a day for women MLAs to speak, questioning if they would be able to talk for the entirety of the day. I’ll now compile a list of the male assembly members who are reluctant to speak and haven’t had a chance to do so. They will have a comparable opportunity to speak, the Speaker continued.

Chief Minister Adityanath urged female parliamentarians to speak up without holding back in his speech as he discussed the state and federal measures for women’s empowerment. “Today, the nation’s largest legislature is working to write a new chapter in history. After 75 years of independence, the voices of 25 crore people in the state would be heard, Adityanath said, highlighting the fact that this should have been done a long time ago.

The CM declared, “UP ko nayi pehchan milegi is tarah ki charcha, paricharcha se (UP will receive a new identity with this discussion),” adding that the day’s proceedings would be forwarded to all of the nation’s legislative assemblies as well as the Parliament’s library.

Akhilesh Yadav, leader of the opposition and president of the SP, called for zero tolerance for “hate crimes” against women and a 33% reservation for women, particularly in the police. “There are so many issues affecting women that discussing them would take days. Yadav congratulated Speaker Mahana for the efforts and remarked, “Even if we debate all the way through the session, they might not end.

Anupama Jaiswal, a BJP lawmaker, then presided over the House. The BJP’s Dr. Manju Shiwach and the SP’s Syeda Khatoon were both granted the chance to lead the House.

The women members supported the idea of designating a day for them to speak, but they also stressed the importance of treating them seriously in a leadership capacity.

Avoid moving in front of me. I might not comply. You must not follow me. I might not lead. “Walk with me,” Dr. Ragini concluded, quoting Camus.