Home treatments for this monsoon’s viral colds and coughs


There are some effective medicines that can help you battle these viruses and maintain your health along with the soothing raindrops that the monsoon delivers. The humid weather and mosquitoes that the monsoon brings also contribute to viral fever, cough, and cold.

Brandy with honey: Brandy is believed to keep your chest warm since it raises body warmth, and the absence of honey in brandy aids in cough suppression. Cough and the common cold are improved with just a teaspoon of brandy and a few drops of honey.

This combination of honey, lime juice, and warm water is ideal for enhancing circulation and digestion. The best way to treat a common cold and cough is to mix honey into lukewarm water.

turmeric and milk Turmeric is a crucial component that can be found in practically all Indian kitchens. It contains a potent antioxidant that aids in the treatment of numerous health issues. Warm milk and turmeric are a well-liked and successful method for treating colds and coughs.

Chewing on a piece of ginger is one of the most effective home treatments for treating a cough and cold. You could even prepare some hot ginger tea to sip on. Ginger possesses qualities that aid in eliminating mucus secretion and airway constriction.

Neem tea: You can treat and avoid the symptoms of monsoon illness by making a cup of this herbal tea by boiling neem leaves in water. Your body will be protected from numerous infections as a result of neem tea’s ability to boost immunity.
Mulethi: Licorice, commonly known as mulethi, is a natural herb that can be used to cure and prevent monsoon infections. It is a highly suggested ayurvedic treatment for cold, congestion, and sore throat symptoms. The licorice root can be boiled into a kadha to enhance immunity and protect your body from disease. It can also be crushed into powder for ingestion.
Lucent water: Frequent lukewarm water consumption can help prevent the common cold, cough, and sore throat. Warm water helps to replenish the body’s fluids and fight infections while reducing throat inflammation.