Here are several reasons why sprouts are a great breakfast dish


Having wholesome meals for breakfast is the best way to start your day because they not only improve metabolism but also boost energy levels. Here are some reasons why sprouts make a great breakfast food.

Sprouts are one of these foods.

Suman Tibrewala, a dietitian, provided an explanation on Instagram of the many health benefits of sprout consumption.

Sprouts are high in protein, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, according to Tibrewala, who called them the “powerhouses of nutrition.”

The bioavailability of these nutrients is also improved by sprouting. Additionally a strong source of antioxidants, sprouts aid in scavenging free radicals. Additionally, they contain anti-cancer qualities. It is also cheaper and simpler to cultivate, as well as all of the above. With germination, sprouts also contain more necessary fatty acids, according to her.

What is the best method of eating sprouts?

The expert suggested eating sprouts for breakfast and adding lemon, ginger pieces, light salt, and pepper to boost bodily power and feel energised throughout the day.