Here are several reasons why daily loofah baths might not be a smart idea


Loofah is essentially a sponge-like shower scrub that is used in conjunction with liquid soaps to clean the skin, particularly surface stains. Some people are unable to conceive taking a bath without their loofahs because they are accustomed to them. But is it a good idea to use one every time you take a shower? It doesn’t seem that way.

A loofah can result in bacterial, fungal, and pigmentation issues, says Dr. Aarthi, a consultant dermatologist, dermatosurgeon, and aesthetic dermatologist. While it “scrubs dirt and dead skin cells off your body,” she said on Instagram, they “may become entangled in [a loofah’s] delicate weave.”

“The trapped organisms proliferate and grow as a result of the wetness every time the loofah gets wet and is not dried completely. You transmit the germs and fungus that you previously wiped off your body, the expert said in a lengthy commentary.

Additionally, she stated that some skin types may find loofahs to be “very abrasive,” and that if you have ever experienced redness or irritation after using a loofah, your skin may be especially susceptible to dermabrasion and exfoliation.

She cautioned that the rough, slightly brittle texture of loofah fibres might be too much and could harm skin over time and lead to persistent pigmentation, which is difficult to treat and irreversible.

So, will you still be using a loofah?