Healthy Foods: How Fox Nuts or Makhana Can Aid in Your Weight-Loss Journey


Over the past few years, fox nuts, also known as makhana, have become more and more well-liked. The lowly makhana is derived from a Euryale Fox plant, which is found in the ponds of eastern Asia. It’s interesting to note that fox nuts have long been utilised in traditional Chinese medicine and are also used in Ayurveda.

The nice thing about fox nuts is that they make an excellent snack for both careful eaters and those who crave snacks frequently. Typically, ghee and salt and pepper are added after makhanas have been roasted. Makhanas, which are prized for their crunchiness, might have cheese, mint, or chaat masala coatings.

Low in fat, high in carbs, and a fantastic source of protein are fox nuts and lotus seeds. This explains why fox nuts are becoming more and more well-liked. Fox nuts are also proven to help people lose weight. Fox nuts can assist you in your weight loss efforts if you eat them in the appropriate amounts. Let’s examine the many health advantages of fox nuts.

Fox nuts are low in fat and cholesterol. They are therefore the ideal food for those late-night cravings. Fox nuts can also aid in weight loss if they are consumed properly.

Fox nuts are high in vital elements like magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc but low in sodium. They are therefore advantageous for people with excessive blood pressure and other heart conditions.

The fox nut is a fantastic source of gluten-free protein. As a result, it is a great meal choice for those who enjoy exercising.

Due to its low glycemic index, fox nuts are advantageous for diabetics as well.

Due to their high calcium content, fox nuts are excellent for the health of your bones and teeth.

Fox nuts’ astringent qualities can also aid in easing renal issues.