Gujarat elections: Voters cast their ballots based solely on the election symbol



Ahmedabad: There have been two elections for the Nikol assembly seat in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad district. Jagdish Panchal, a Bjp contender, has won both. Additionally, Jagdish Panchal served as a cabinet minister in the Bhupender Patel administration. The Nikol assembly seat was established in 2008 following a new delineation. The BJP triumphed in both the elections of 2012 and 2017, while Congress lost both times. One of Ahmedabad’s recently constructed localities is the Nikol assembly seat. Many Patidars from Saurashtra have made this their home.

The Patidar of Saurashtra has supported the BJP for a number of years. Nikol’s Patidars also supported BJP candidates in 2012 and 2017. BJP MLA Jagdish Panchal is an OBC native of this area. Even though there are very few Panchal voters in Nikol, Jagdish Panchal was nevertheless able to claim victory since voters in this area only cast their ballots after viewing the lotus emblem. In addition to being a businessman by trade, Jagdish Panchal previously held the position of president of the BJP branch in Ahmedabad. The top echelons of the BJP approve of Jagdish Panchal. The organisation and election symbol of the BJP are seen to have played a major role in his triumph.

Since the BJP had put Jagdish Panchal up for election in a Patidar-dominated region, he had an extremely difficult time winning the Nikol assembly seat in 2017. That was also the time when the Patidar agitation’s rage peaked. Nicole was seen as the epicentre of the Patidar uprising in Ahmedabad. Despite the Patidars’ displeasure, Jagdish Panchal was re-elected to Nikol’s seat. Indravijaysinh Gohil, the chief of the Congress’ youth organisation, fought Jagdish Panchal valiantly. The margin of victory for Jagdish Panchal was about 25,000, compared to 50,000 in the previous election. But in the end, Nikol won thanks to the BJP and Jagdish Panchal’s seat.