Gram Pradhan’s heinous crime of pouring petrol into a young man’s intimate parts


Jalaun: In Jalaun, the Dabang Gram Pradhan and his supporters have committed a very despicable and hazardous conduct. Indeed, something has occurred here that will make your blood boil when you hear it. In fact, Gram Pradhan and his supporters have been accused of viciously beating up young people and injecting petrol into their genitals, outraged over allegations of rigging in MGNREGA and development projects. The case was reported on June 10 by the Nadigaon police station area’s village camera.

What exactly is the problem?

– In truth, it was the youth that filed the MNREGA and development work complaint here in a fictitious manner. The village chief and his supporters were enraged by the youth’s complaint and violently beat him up. When the bullies’ hearts were not satisfied, petrol was poured into the young man’s private parts. On the other hand, inflammable compounds were proven to have been injected into the delicate organs, according to the medical report. The complainant was arrested with a pistol and two cartridges the next day, June 11, the day after the incident. Family members and villagers have surrounded the SP’s home today, expressing their displeasure with the situation to SP Jalaun Ravi Kumar.

What is the name of the bidder’s victim?- Our brother had complained about the rigging of MNREGA and development work being carried out by the Gram Pradhan, according to the victim’s family members. The BDO was also dispatched to look into it. Following that, Pradhan’s supporters, outraged by the probe, violently took our brother into the car. He assaulted him and then poured gasoline into his genitals. He was then forcibly inebriated and imprisoned with a pistol and ammunition. We also reported the incident to the Nadigaon police station, but have yet to hear a reaction from the officers.

What did the cops have to say?

– The victim stated that we have gone to the Superintendent of Police in the hopes of receiving justice today. The perpetrators should be held accountable, and justice should be served. SP Jalaun Ravi Kumar stated that whatever the facts are in this matter, they will be clear after the probe. The inquiry into the entire affair has been handed over to Deputy SP Gaurav Singh, according to reports. Whatever facts emerge, the necessary action will be conducted in accordance with the rapid rules.