Ghaziabad: A bunch of girls beat up a young person on the beach road



Lucknow: A child was publicly beaten by two girls on the seashore road in the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh with the assistance of bystanders. Sector 23 in the Madhuban Bapudham neighbourhood is where the incident happened. They were surprisingly unafraid of the police. The local police made an effort to halt them. To beat the young man, they continued to approach him again.

On social media, the incident’s video has become very popular. The child can be seen scurrying around in the video to avoid getting struck by the girls. A young man is trying to save him in the meantime. But the girls persist in going on. They continue to abuse the youngster while beating him. Then the police show up to save the day. However, the females’ heads were covered in ghosts. They had no intention of saving the young man. The girls arrive to abuse the young man and continually drive away the police.

The officers had a difficult time calming the situation. According to the police, the conversation between the two parties began after the scooty collision. The girls began assaulting the youngster as the argument got out of hand. She had assistance from the other girls as she pummelling the boy. Neither side has brought a claim against it as of yet. Action will be done as soon as the complaint is filed.