Furious about the murder of a Hindu tailor, Kangana yelled, “Cut off Neck in the name of God”



In Udaipur, Rajasthan, Kanhaiyalal was hacked to death by having his neck cut. Yes, and that happened on Tuesday. Kangana Ranaut’s response to the incident has now also been made public. Kangana really shared the incident on her Instagram account and expressed her regret and rage. “This was done in the name of God,” Kangana wrote. I lack the confidence necessary to watch these vids. Let me point out that many Bollywood stars expressed their ire over this issue prior to Kangana Ranaut. Yes, there is currently a feeling of panic and rage over this subject throughout the nation. On the other hand, despite the fact that the police have detained both suspects in this homicide, the public is calling for their severe punishment.

On her Instagram account, Kangana stated, “This man’s neck was cut off for supporting Nupur Sharma and the jihadis produced a video of him cutting it. You can see Kangana sharing photographs of Kanhaiyalal.” They purposely went into the store, began yelling anti-government chants, and cut off his head from his body. All in the name of God! “These people slashed the neck of Kanhaiya of Udaipur in the name of God and then posed like this,” Kangana wrote with a photo of the accused in her second Instagram story. Many videos were created at the same time, but I lack the confidence to watch them because I feel numb. Let us inform you that Richa Chadha, Vishal Dadlani, Swara Bhaskar, and Kangana Ranaut have all responded to this situation.

What was Kanhaiyalal’s error? In actuality, Kanhaiyalal had posted a post regarding Nupur Sharma from his phone. Following that, several individuals filed a complaint against Kanhaiya, and as a result of the complaint, Kanhaiyalal was taken into custody. Radicals began threatening Kanhaiya shortly as the judge granted him bail. Kanhaiya had also asked the police for security in such a circumstance, but he was denied security.