From cotton to khadi, these fabrics will provide relief in the sweltering heat


The blazing heat limits the types of fabrics that can be worn in the summer, especially for people who are prone to rashes and redness. They have to be very picky about what they wear. Sometimes, due to the poor quality of the fabric, we wind up harming skin that is already hot. Here’s a rundown of some of the most cheap, skin-friendly, and summer-friendly textiles that might be your best friend this season.


If you’re undecided about what fabric to wear, go with cotton. This is created specifically for hot conditions and is hence ideal for summer. In reality, different designs are accessible in the market during the summer. Cotton clothing can be worn on a daily basis, as well as to parties and formal events. Cotton is the greatest solution for people who have sensitive skin. This is the lightest, most sweat-absorbent fabric available.


After cotton, linen is the most cost-effective and summer-friendly fabric. Many men, especially for formal occasions, are seen wearing linen shirts. Because of its sweat-absorbent properties, it allows the skin to breathe. The best thing is that this cloth may be worn not just for formal occasions but also for informal occasions.


When we hear the word silk, we immediately think of price and royalty. That is why, in India’s ancient history, the royal families, especially the women, wore lavishly embroidered silk clothes. Silk costumes are usually easy to wear, but because of the additional costs of wear and tear, individuals strive to avoid wearing them as often as possible.


The best feature of this fabric is that it is thinner and lighter, making it ideal for hot summer days. Wearing denim can be difficult at times, and in that case, Chambre may be the best option. This cloth is cool and comfy to wear in hotter parts of the country.


The marriage of cotton and silk in the made-in-India khadi makes it appropriate for wearing in hot weather. Various patterns are available, and Indo and traditional features can be mixed and matched.