For violating election rules, a panel of judges will strike down 111 unregistered political parties


As part of the poll panel’s “graded action” against parties who flouted its regulations, the Election Commission decided to remove 111 Registered Unrecognised Political Parties (RUPPs) off the register on Monday.

In May, the EC announced a clean-up campaign against more than 2,100 RUPPs, alleging that they had broken a series of rules by failing to provide contribution reports or notifying changes to party-related information.

The poll panel has also sent three RUPPs to the tax department for legal and criminal action, claiming they were involved in “severe financial misconduct.”

According to EC data through September 2021, there are 2,796 RUPPs, an increase of more than 300 percent from 2001.

During verification, the RUPPs against whom action was taken were discovered to exist only on paper or letters sent to their addresses were returned undelivered, according to the EC.

The EC has long sought the authority to deregister political parties. The election panel has also requested that Form 24A be amended to require disclosure of all donations over Rs 2,000, rather than the present limit of Rs 20,000.