For 1000 years, India struggled for culture, language, and religion, yet history was lost- Amit Shah


New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Friday that India has struggled for 1,000 years for its culture, language, and religion, and that it had not been in vain. The souls of those who gave their lives in this war, Shah continued, must have found solace in witnessing India’s comeback today. This was stated by the Home Minister in his remarks following the launch of the book “Maharana: The Thousands-Year Crusade” in Delhi. On the occasion, Shah urged current writers and historians to leave historical comments and make the country’s magnificent history available to the public as a reference book.

“When our effort is greater than someone else’s, the attempt to deceive inevitably gets smaller,” Amit Shah stated. We should concentrate on increasing the scale of our efforts. Commenting on the untruth helps to spread it. Nobody can stop us from rewriting history. We are now free. No one has any attachments. We have the ability to write our own history. The Home Minister went on to say that if a community wants to have a bright future, it should draw inspiration from its past, learn from it, and use that knowledge to pave the way forward.”

The Home Minister went on to say that while there have been various empires throughout history, history writers always refer to the Mughal Empire. The Pandya Empire dominated Assam for 800 years, according to him, whereas the Ahom Empire ruled for 650 years. From Bakhtiyar Khilji to Aurangzeb, this empire was vanquished and Assam remained free. The Pallava Empire governed for 600 years, the Chalukya Empire for 600, the Mauryan Empire for 500, and the Gupta Empire for 400. Amit Shah went on to say that Samudragupta was the first to exhibit the bravery to carry out India’s vision, but that no reference book had been created on the subject.