Following the threat made to Kanhaiyalal, jihadis now threatened this man with “today I will cut your throat”



New Delhi: Threats of beheading have been made against expelled BJP leader Naveen Jindal and his entire family. On the morning of Wednesday, June 29, 2022, he tweeted about this. Three threatening emails have been sent to them. A video of Kanhaiya Lal slashing his own throat in Udaipur is also included in the email. After making an allegedly contentious speech about the Prophet Muhammad, Jindal was banned from the BJP. He tweeted: “Around 6:43 this morning, I received three emails. I and my family have received threats of a similar neck cut while posting a video showing my brother Kanhaiya Lal’s neck being severed in Udaipur. I’ve let the PCR know.

In his tweet, Naveen Jindal also included screenshots of the two emails. The name Akbar Alam is written on the screenshot of the first email. Akbar claims, “Naveen Kumar, the terrorist, it’s your turn now. I’m going to sever your neck that way very soon. Akbar Alam insults Jindal in a separate email at the same time, writing, “Naveen Kumar terrorist @##$$$$ see, I will cut it like this.” Let me tell you that in the past, Jindal claimed that Islamic radicals were continuously threatening to kill him. He had also disclosed that he and his family had been compelled to leave Delhi as a result of these threats. Jindal had claimed that he was being watched and that some persons were following him.

Fundamentalists savagely murdered Hindu tailor Kanhaiyalal on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Mohammad Riyaz and Gos Mohammed rode into the store at around 2:30 p.m. under the pretence of providing them measurements. Before Kanhaiyalal could comprehend anything, he was strangled to death by two Islamic jihadists. Furthermore, following the murder, the fundamentalists recorded it and threatened to assassinate PM Narendra Modi as well.