Follow these home remedies if you have grains in your brows



Many people are bothered by the granules that appear between the brow hairs. Yes, many individuals around the world are bothered by the granules between the hairs on their brows and unable to do anything about it. These grains can cause a lot of pain and are difficult to get rid of. However, if you have this condition on a regular basis, you can attempt the home remedies we will discuss to get rid of it.

Turmeric paste: If you want to get rid of the grains in your brows, you can use turmeric paste. In reality, the antibacterial properties of haldi will quickly diminish the grains, as well as provide relief from the agony they cause.

Ice freezing: If you need to cure pimples or a rash around the eyes and in the brows right away, you should sizzle the ice on the brows. Take ice in a cotton rag and place it on the grain for a few minutes to do this.

Cucumber juice: Cucumber juice can be used to cure the seeds in the brows. Aside from that, mix together some rose water and apply it on your brows. This will not only minimise grain but also provide a cooling effect.

Cinnamon powder: Cinnamon, which is used as a spice in the kitchen, is also said to be the best for treating grains. You mix honey with cinnamon powder and apply it to the brow’s grain overnight, and you’ll see an improvement after a few days.