Find out if the price of gasoline and diesel today has fallen or climbed



As usual, at 6 am today, the oil firms revealed the new prices for gasoline and diesel. Let me just say that this Monday, like many others before it, is a relief. In reality, today marks the 51st day in a row with no change in the price of gasoline or diesel. In Port Blair, today’s lowest price for gasoline is Rs. 84.10 per litre, and the lowest price for diesel is Rs. 79.74 per litre. There is also zeal among the public as a result of the constant rise in the price of gasoline and diesel.

Let us also remind everyone that you can use SMS to check the daily gasoline and diesel prices in your city. Customers of Indian Oil (IOC) and HPCL may send RSP to the numbers 9224992249 and 9222201122, respectively. Customers of BPCL, on the other hand, can write RSP and send it to the number 9223112222. Additionally, if the rupee gains strength, the cost of importing crude oil will decrease.

This will present a chance to lower the cost of gasoline and diesel. Let us also point out to you all that the oil firms bear a burden of 8,000 crore rupees if the dollar is priced at one rupee more than it is. In fact, crude oil was trading at $106.78 per barrel this morning, but a Citigroup analysis suggests that due to a decline in demand and an increase in production, crude oil might drop to $65 per barrel by December of this year and $45 per barrel the following year. The cost of gasoline and diesel will be impacted if this occurs.