FCRA: Center updates 2011 regulations in seven areas



The purpose of the central government’s seven key modifications to the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) rules 2011 is to make it illegal to accept and use foreign contributions or foreign hospitality for any activities that are detrimental to the interests of the nation.

The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Laws, 2022, as the new regulations are now titled, were published in the Official Gazette and made public by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday (July 1). (MHA). The new regulations have modified the 2011 Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Rules.

“In accordance with the authority conferred by Section 48 of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010, the Central Government has now promulgated the following rules to further modify the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Rules, 2011. (42 of 2010). To refer to these regulations, use the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2022 “There was an announcement.

The revised rules include about seven modifications. Rule 6 also substitutes the words “thirty days” and “three months” for the terms “one lakh rupees” and “ten lakh rupees,” respectively.

In addition, rule 9 has changed. The wording “fifteen days” and “forty-five days” in sub-rule (1) clause (e) and sub-rule (2) clause (e), respectively, must be changed to “forty-five days” and “forty-five days.” Clause (b) of Rule 13 is not included in the revised regulations, and in Rule 17A, “forty-five days” shall be used in place of “fifteen days.”