Father’s Day 2022: The date, history, and significance of this auspicious day


Father’s Day in the year 2022: Fathers are superheroes who labour tirelessly to ensure the physical and financial well-being of their family. As such, Father’s Day is a day dedicated to them. Father’s Day is observed every year on the third Sunday in June, which falls on June 19 this year.

Father’s Day honours not only biological fathers, but also father figures who shape our minds and help us achieve our goals.

It represents the significance of a father’s role in one’s life. To express their love for their fathers, children buy or make gifts, as well as write and draw cards. Some spend the day with their father engaging in various hobbies such as fishing, camping, shopping, art and craft, or simply sitting and watching movies. Many children see this as an incredible opportunity to build a stronger bond with their fathers.

Sonora Smart Dodd created Father’s Day in the United States. William Jackson Smart, Sonora’s father, was a Civil War veteran. He was an Arkansas single dad who reared his six children selflessly. Sonora had heard of Anna Jarvis’s Mother’s Day, which she had invented in honour of her mother. As a result, she suggested to her church’s pastor that something similar be done to honour fathers. On the day of William’s birth anniversary, June 5, she wished to recognise and respect the role of her father and all fathers.

Despite the petition’s rejection, Sonora was able to persuade local church communities to participate. The celebration was postponed until the third Sunday of June because the minister needed more time to prepare, and the date provided by Sonora was too soon, so he presented it a few weeks later on June 19. Father’s Day began to be celebrated on the third Sunday in June after that.