Farm-to-face The Future of Beauty is Skincare


The rise of the skincare sector appears to be combining the worlds of beauty and self-care. It’s easy to become lost in the plethora of options available on the market, yet natural products continue to hold sway. Farm-to-face beauty has been on the rise for a few years, and like farm-to-table cuisine, it necessitates clarity from skincare companies.

The farm-to-face notion, according to Refinery, has become increasingly significant in recent years as social media skincare influencers break down the importance and detrimental impacts of components in our products. Beauty fans expect their favourite businesses to be more transparent. Skincare companies are now have to reveal the steps that their products go through before they reach our shelves. It’s a trend that represents the awakening of customers who want to know not only how a solution will affect their skin, but also where the ingredients come from.

Farmacy, a US-based business, prides itself on being a “Conscious skincare” brand. Mark Veeder, the brand’s co-founder, tells Refinery that the concept is based on materials that he collects on his farm in upstate New York. “Our products are built around robust farmer-cultivated ingredients, ensuring that the full potential of these substances is retained through a careful procedure,” he explained on the website. Farmacy also manages its important, exclusive ingredients, from hand-planting to organic growing methods, as well as hand-harvesting the root and using science to extract, stabilise, and supercharge the potent active chemicals, according to Veeder.

Tata Harper’s eponymous skincare line is another example of this principle in action. According to Refinery, every component used in the goods has come from the Harper’s property in Vermont since the company’s inception.

“Traditionally, ‘farm-to-face’ signifies ingredients that come from local sources,” she told Refinery of her opinions on the term. She went on to say that because her factory is on her farm, the company creates all of its items there.