‘Every time people come up to me with a grin…’ R Madhavan admits he is envious of son Vedaant


At the recent 75th Cannes Flick Festival, actor R Madhavan garnered a lot of accolades for his upcoming film Rocketry. People frequently approach him to compliment him on his son Vedaant Madhavan’s accomplishments, he added. At the Danish Open 2022 in Copenhagen, Vedaant earned a gold medal in swimming.

Madhavan told Brut that he gets “very envious” since people now come to him to chat about his son rather than his flicks. “I’m extremely jealous right now because every time I encounter someone on the street in Mumbai, I believe they’re congratulating me on Rocketry, but then they say, ‘He didn’t actually get the silver, but gold.’ My helpers are having a terrific time making fun of me. “I’m attempting to win this competition by turning him off and keeping him away from the press for as long as I can,” Madhavan joked.

People have been remarking on how wonderfully Madhavan and his wife Sarita raised Vedaant since he won gold. Madhavan, on the other hand, feels they did nothing differently. He did, however, mention that he was fortunate enough to be able to go to Dubai to assist Vedaant in his Olympic preparation.

“As parents, we have as many insecurities as any other parent and have done as many things wrong as any other parent.” It’s simply that we occasionally have the freedom to make judgments that a typical middle-class family may not. For example, he may need to relocate to Dubai in order to continue his training during his development spurt. As a non-middle-class person, I could afford that privilege. “However, as a father, I have the same fears as any other parent in whatever level of society,” he remarked. As a parenting guideline, Madhavan says they got it right by keeping Vedaant focused and occupied during his adolescence.

“The one thing Sarita and I have gotten right so far is making sure the child was totally occupied during his adolescent years and didn’t have too much free time.” And doing things that he enjoyed and that we had control over. As a result, he hasn’t gotten himself into too much difficulty. I’m not implying that he won’t. Everyone will get into difficulty, as I did. He said, “I just hope he has the wisdom to come to us and perhaps settle it before it becomes too huge.”

Madhavan is a proud father, but Vedaant appreciates his parents’ efforts on his behalf. In an interview with DD India earlier this year, Vedaant discussed his desire to forge his own identity. He lauded Madhavan’s film Rocketry, calling it “amazing” and “touching.”