Everclub, an IT startup, is releasing new goods



The global IT company EVERCLUB has begun the last stage of planning for the debut of its own investment and educational platform, created in collaboration with top IT firms.

We are happy to announce that the firm EVERCLUB IT will soon debut its investment and educational platform, joining the rising movement to “combate poverty and illiteracy through the promotion of online education.”

In 2020, EVERCLUB was established. The project’s concept originated during the challenging time when COVID-19 was sweeping the globe. Due to the pandemic, hundreds of millions of students and schoolchildren were unable to access traditional offline schooling, and all efforts to set up an online learning process were unsuccessful. In most nations around the world, the value of high-quality online education has emerged as a top concern.

Even after the pandemic was almost entirely contained, interest in online learning has not diminished. In contrast, it gained more defenders and advocates in numerous international organisations and philanthropic institutions. In fact, a lot of people saw online education as a way to combat poverty and illiteracy in developing nations. Because of this, a consistent trend for interest in businesses, groups, and startups working in this field has emerged. Given the size of the issue and the strategic significance of finding a solution, this trend will continue for decades to come.

The administration of EVERCLUB recognised this and made the decision to develop their own online learning platform. During the project’s development, it became obvious that the construction of an educational service could not be the project’s only constraint for full realisation. The world need a platform with multiple uses that can integrate services from several categories, including educational, charity, investing, gaming, and entertainment.

This is the origin of the notion of a decentralised EVERCLUB ecosystem. It consists of seven items:

The ecosystem’s main service, EverLearn, provides exclusive access to educational programmes, courses, and learning materials.

EverGrow is a service that assesses learned abilities and knowledge.

EverWin is a firm that offers reward schemes for top network executives.

EverGame is a digital platform for the delivery of software and games on computers.

EverHelp is a service for organising fundraising activities, lotteries, and competitions.

EverStart is a decentralised platform for crowdsourcing.

A legitimate payment service is EverPay.

Even though the majority of the services are still under construction, you may already study and make money using EVERCLUB today. The platform provides its users with a variety of special investment tools that help them grow as leaders and team players. Additionally, the opportunity to receive up to 90% of the funds raised and a low entry barrier (starting at $20) make this offer appealing and available to people of all socioeconomic levels.

The team intends to develop its educational platform into the biggest decentralised international Learn2Earn online institution in the future.