Even if Kohli hits 101 runs during the entire series, India vs. England: Not a century…



Virat Kohli, the former captain of Team India, has been pining for a huge score for the past two and a half years and is currently the target of widespread criticism. He has now also received a double whammy as a result of this. Additionally, he has had a groyne ailment. Given this circumstance, there is uncertainty regarding his participation in the ODI series against England.

However, it’s also crucial to understand that if Kohli is healthy and participates in this three-match ODI series, it may be advantageous for him. As he is on the verge of a significant record, Kohli can boost his confidence through this series. These people’s confidence will rise if they break records, which might reawaken King Kohli. Kohli, who has spent the past two and a half years pining for a century, doesn’t have much to do to break this record. Even if Kohli just manages to score 101 runs in three ODIs, he will still beat the mark even if he is unable to achieve a century in a game.

In actuality, this record pertains to the number of runs scored in ODIs played on English soil between India and England. Rahul Dravid, a former captain of Team India, is in charge in this situation. In 20 home ODI matches versus England, Dravid has 648 runs scored. In this ranking, Virat Kohli is in sixth place. In 14 games, Kohli has already scored 548 runs. In other words, Kohli is exactly 100 runs down. By defeating all the middle-order players, Kohli will smash Dravid’s record if he totals 101 runs over the entire series. Kohli will also gain some confidence in resuming his previous rhythm as a result of this.

leaders in the India-England game ODIs played in England

Rahul Dravid scored 648 runs in 20 games.
Sachin Tendulkar scored 639 runs in 17 games.
MS Dhoni scored 613 runs in 21 games.
Ian Bell scored 594 runs in 15 games.
Sourav Ganguly scored 565 runs in 16 games.
Virat Kohli has 548 runs in 14 games.

Please inform us if Virat Kohli will miss the ODI series or the opening game owing to injury. He suffered from a groyne strain. During the third T20 encounter against England in Birmingham, Kohli sustained an injury. Let us know that tonight (July 12) at the Oval will be the opening ODI match against England.