Employee came home and sexually assaulted the woman after her husband had scheduled a massage for her


A woman claims that a man who came to her house to give her a massage raped her. The Soothe app had really been used by the woman’s husband to schedule a home massage. The woman has complained about the app in this instance. According to the court documents, it was discovered throughout the inquiry that the individual had previously committed a customer rape.

It’s a New York, USA, case. In a news conference held last week, the woman expressed her concern that “Miscreant” might visit her home once more. She has also decided to change course from there, thus. He knows where I live, the woman claims in her video clip. Because of this, the thought of entering the miscreant’s home is likewise terrifying. Actually, the woman’s husband had scheduled this massage for her. At the moment, he was out of town. The Brooklyn Supreme Court received a lawsuit alleging that the wife’s experience with the husband’s present was nothing short of a nightmare.

According to reports, the woman has accused Soothe of breaking the law when the company hired Hernando in the complaint she filed in court. Additionally, Soothe had hired an outside firm, Evident, to do background checks on potential hires. The woman has brought legal action against both Soothe and Evident. The woman said that because the business did not thoroughly investigate Hernando’s background, she was sexually assaulted as a result. The police are currently looking into the case. However, Soothe and Evident have not yet made a remark on this.