Eknath Shinde responds to the CM’s statement, saying, “Uddhav in minority, can’t scare us”



Mumbai: Chief Minister Uddhav has called for the disqualification of 12 opposition Shiv Sena MLAs amid the political unrest in Maharashtra. Eknath Shinde, who is currently in Guwahati, has responded. Eknath Shinde stated in one of his interviews that Uddhav cannot disqualify him because he himself is a minority. He added that if he wants to issue 10 more notices like this, he is not worried of the Shiv Sena’s notices.

Uddhav was only trying to intimidate him, according to Eknath Shinde. Shinde reaffirmed his support from more than 37 Sena MLAs. They have more than 50 MLAs in total. Additionally, numbers are essential in a democracy. “Uddhav cannot rule us out. They’re merely doing it to frighten us. He said that, by the rules, he is correct. 37 Shiv Sena MLAs are standing with him in support. That indicates that he is the party’s leader in the legislature. No one can intimidate us, according to Shinde, and the law will stand by us when the time comes.

Let us inform you that Uddhav wrote the deputy speaker a letter yesterday evening. Eknath Shinde was among the 12 Shiv Sena MLAs who had demanded to be disqualified. However, Shinde had also penned a letter identifying himself as the party’s leader in the assembly. Shinde further mentioned that he would shortly meet with the Maharashtra Governor. However, the timing is still uncertain. Will the Shinde group claim the Shiv Sena’s bow and arrow election symbol as well? Shinde responded that a decision would be made later.