During the Rampur by-election, Azam Khan made a significant comment



Lucknow: Voting is currently taking place in Rampur for the Lok Sabha by-election. Azam Khan, meantime, has poked fun at the government for detaining Samajwadi Party (SP) officials and activists on Wednesday night. “Who is a bigger criminal than us?” Azam Khan asked the reporters. Do anything you like with us, then. Our city has been barred from doing the same, so do whatever it wants…we have to endure. Hens, goats, buffaloes, literature, and furniture are suspected of being stolen.

According to Azam Khan, we were awake all night and our candidates visited every police station in Parliament. The Inspector of Police Station Ganj engaged in the most obscene behaviour and even physically assaulted the victims. The full fault will rest with the administration if the vote percentage is reduced. Let us say that the Rampur by-election polling took place under stringent security measures. Aside from the Civil Police, CRPF, and Para Military Force, voting booths have security personnel stationed outside.

Akhilesh Yadav, national head of the Samajwadi Party (SP) and a former chief minister, has urged people to cast ballots. Every woman, farmer, and young person should vote, he wrote in a tweet. Let us inform you that voting for the by-election is currently taking place not just in Rampur but also in Azamgarh. It would be interesting to watch who prevails in this election because both of these seats are thought to be SP strongholds.