Drinking sun-charged water is recommended by Ayurveda; here’s why


It is common knowledge that sufficient sunshine exposure is required to satisfy the body’s vitamin D requirements for optimal health. Have you heard of sun-charged water, which is extremely important in Ayurveda?

“It is the primary generator of heat (fire), which is one among the components that make up our planet. “Sunlight, according to Ayurveda, may alleviate a variety of health conditions,” Ayurvedic expert Dr Nitika Kohli stated on Instagram as she explained the various benefits of sun-charged water.

*Antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial characteristics in sun-charged water help to prevent health problems and skin disorders.

*If you’re looking for a way to boost your energy levels during the day, try drinking sun-charged water.

*It’s also good for your skin because it “heals common skin disorders like rashes and redness while keeping your skin bright.”

*If you’ve been having problems with your eyes or skin, Dr Kohli recommends washing them with sun-charged water. “Any frequent ailments are kept at bay by this water’s antifungal and antibacterial characteristics.”

“Though solar charged water is fully natural and should have no negative affects on your health,” she said, “if you are taking medication or undergoing treatment, we urge you visit a doctor.”

How can you produce water that has been charged by the sun?

Follow the Ayurvedic expert’s instructions to produce this “miracle potion” at home.

*Fill a glass bottle halfway with water and place it in the sun for at least eight hours. For the greatest effects, do this every day or leave it in the sun for 8 hours for 3 days.

*Do not refrigerate this water since it will lose its health advantages.