Do you want to give up smoking? 5 Tips to Help You Avoid Tobacco Cravings


Because of the acute dependency that nicotine generates after smoking the first cigarette or eating any other tobacco product, the desire to smoke might be tremendous. Lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, asthma, and other diseases can all be caused by smoking cigarettes. Controlling the impulse to smoke might be difficult for smokers, but it is necessary for living a healthy life. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco kills around 8 million people each year, with 1.2 million dying as a result of passive smoking.

If you have made the decision to stop smoking, you are on the right track.


Make a solid choice.

The first step toward quitting is to make a solid decision that you want to quit. Find a good reason to overcome your impulses, such as your worry for your family, because smoking is damaging not just to the person who does it, but also to others around them.

Consider substituting anything for Nicotine.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms, including as headaches, might occur if you quickly stop using it. As a result, nicotine replacement treatment, such as nicotine gums, can be beneficial in such circumstances.

Keep your loved ones close to you.

Informing those around you about the aim you’re attempting to reach will be quite beneficial, as they will encourage and support you if you start to falter. You could also think about going to therapy.

Chew sugar-free gums.

If you have a tendency of smoking after every meal, chewing gums will assist you in resisting tobacco cravings. Consuming raw carrots and nuts can also aid in the control of smoke cravings.

Begin exercising.

Working out can be an excellent method to distract yourself from tobacco cravings by making them disappear. You can also begin with light exercises such as walking and jogging.