Do you have throat pain or congestion in your nose? This Ayurvedic remedy might provide you with immediate relief


While the monsoon’s arrival has provided us with a much-needed break from the sweltering heat, it has also undoubtedly resulted in a wide range of health problems. Colds and coughs are the most typical of all of them, and they cause nasal congestion. Even while nasal congestion is relatively common and usually goes away in a few days, it can make you restless and irritable, therefore it’s vital to take preventative precautions. What could be more beneficial than using ayurvedic treatments, which not only alleviate symptoms but are also readily available in every Indian home?

Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Dixa Bhavsar shared a combination recipe and said that it has given her husband relief from throat and nasal congestion. Dr. Dixa posted a picture of the mixture and captioned it, “Prepared this cocktail for my husband since he had some throat soreness and a little nasal congestion. He hasn’t yet developed a cold, a runny nose, or a cough. So he developed this concoction only to stop it. She stated that it has three different ways to be consumed and is “very versatile.” “So what makes this ayurvedic mixture unique? Well, it’s very versatile; you can use it for drinking, gargling, and inhaling steam, she said.

The expert described it as a “magical ayurveda mixture” and offered advice on how to quickly recover from “severe cough/cold/breathlessness”. “Try this concoction & I promise- it won’t let you down,” she said, “so if any of you or your loved one suffered cold/cough/sneezing, etc. due to travelling, sipping on cold drinks, or eating excessive ice creams.”

Here are the components and recipe for the mixture.

two cups of water
a few leaves of mint
one-fourth cup of carom seeds
12 teaspoons fenugreek or ajwain seeds
12 teaspoon of turmeric or haldi
two glasses of water with all the ingredients are added.
Boil it over a medium flame for roughly 7 to 10 minutes.
The mixture is ready when the colour of the water changes. Serve it warm.
Drink the mixture on an empty stomach or wait an hour before eating after drinking it.
You are able to inhale steam.
Additionally, you can gargle with it three times daily.
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