Do calcium supplements work to maintain strong bones?


Mineral calcium is essential for developing strong, healthy bones. A small amount of calcium is constantly being taken from our bones by our body and replaced with fresh calcium. But if the body loses more calcium than it takes in, the bones gradually deteriorate and fracture.

As a result, many people take calcium supplements in an effort to strengthen their bones and prevent bone-related problems.

According to Neha Ranglani, an integrative health coach on Instagram, “our bones are metabolically active tissue, and they are always giving their minerals to us in case the body needs them.” So what causes the bones to become weak and necessitate the use of supplements?

The expert describes the factors that affect bone strength and make them porous in a post she shared on Instagram.

*Eating a lot of dairy and meat or highly processed foods makes our bodies more acidic. Our body removes minerals from the bones in order to neutralise it and keep the blood pH at 7.4, which weakens our bones.

She wrote, “When we don’t walk about enough, our bones aren’t stimulated to grow and strengthen.”

Inflammation “leaches our bone minerals” when stress and pollutants are not under control.

*Our body cannot absorb calcium if we are deficient in vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K. This has an impact on bone growth and regeneration.

Poor gut health has an impact on both digestion and nutritional absorption, including the absorption of calcium supplements.

The specialist also recommends the following dietary and lifestyle modifications to maintain the bone’s health:

Consume more plant-based foods like greens, sprouts, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc., and limit your intake of dairy and meat.

*Stop purchasing and consuming packaged foods that are laden with additives. Change them out for healthier alternatives.

*Be more active by exercising frequently.

*Continually check your vitamin intake.

*Use self-care techniques to manage your stress.

*Take care of your health by addressing problems like acidity, constipation, and bloating.