Digital Marketing: The Future is now


In 2020 throughout the pandemic, many businesses managed to transition to remote work and understood the significance of digital marketing. Today, Digital marketing has become a synonym to not only to gain competitive edge in the market, but a mode of surviving in market. But to venture into the new age of digital marketing, small businesses and entrepreneurs need to be fast paced and broadminded.

From 2010 to now there is a huge shift in technology, mindset, resources, and expectations in market, now being digital is not sufficient, being visible and viable is also not enough, but being and staying relevant is a necessity. Amit Janmejay, Technology Entrepreneur and Global Marketing Leader.explains further,“Digital marketing is going to constantly evolve, there may be a handful of significant, anticipated, or sudden leaps forward. There might be periods of a few months where not many changes. But, for the most of it, we wilwitness a steady stream of new technologies. We will see new cultural trends and unique consumer preferences pushing for digital behaviour and systems changes. Each year will see the evolution of new trends, the death of old trends, and interesting new ideas that allow us all to progress.”

Creative Marketer and entrepreneur with 16 years of start-up and corporate leadership experience in defining global vision and strategy in support of Business, Marketing and Technology goals. Amit is heading Global Marketing for ART Fertility clinics, Middle East and India, with over a decade of experience in managing global teams and multi-million-dollar campaigns. With his background in brand strategy, proven expertise in Digital Transformation and Analytics, Fast dynamics of decision making and competitive approach, he has worked on several leadership positions in Americas, Europe, Middle East and India at Accenture, Publics Groupe, Hanu,Airtel, Samsung SDS and Tata Group earlier is his career.

His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to his most recent success at Accenture, Publicis, Samsung and Tata Group, where he led several domestic and international, enterprise and government award-winning campaigns for heavy-hitting brands. Meanwhile, he vastly improved the productivity of his team by implementing strategic project management methods and ensuring a work-life balance for his department.

Amit is an Electronics engineer and MBA from IIFT, Delhi, Amit is member of CMO council Advisory Board and SME of NASSCOM. Believing in mindfulness in the workplace is key to success – Amit lives out through his interests in yoga, meditation, farming, and painting.