Dhankhar requests Mamata to retract her remark on “Jihad against BJP”



KOLKATA: The governor of West Bengal, Jagdeep Dhankhar, has urged Mamata Banerjee to retract her statement that “jihad against the BJP” is “the most unconstitutional declaration.”

Dhankar Dhankhar wrote to the chief minister on Wednesday night in response to an objection from the state BJP.

The West Bengal Governor stated, “Your June 28 Asansol statement, appended hereto, ‘Declaring July 21, 2022 as “A day of ‘jihad’ against the BJP’ has sought constitutional intervention.'”

Suvendu Adhikari, the Hon’ble Leader of the Opposition, and a delegation from the BJP made a submission.

“The comment, which was broadcast on camera, is regretful and implies constitutional anarchy. It defies logic and reason how the Chief Minister, who is constrained by the Constitution, should declare such a horrible crime of “jihad” against a political party. As a result, democracy and the rule of law are doomed. Nothing is more totalitarian and anti-democratic than this “Dhankar continued writing. Dhankhar asked Mamata Banerjee to take back the statement.