Despite the two-year-old case, choreographer Ganesh Acharya is granted bail



Ganesh Acharya, a well-known Bollywood choreographer, is making news these days. In fact, he has a history of sexual harassment allegations, and in this case, he has been granted bail. Let us inform you that despite the fact that Ganesh has been granted bail, the police has charged him as a result of the allegation. However, the choreographer in this case (Ganesh Acharya) claims that a plot was made to blame him. Yes, and for that reason he had also set up a priority against the dancer who had made that claim.

Let us inform you that this issue is two years old and does not have a specific date. The bail raised the topic once more for discussion. Let us also inform everyone that the woman had filed a complaint against the choreographer Ganesh Acharya in the year 2020. She had claimed at the time that she had been subjected to inappropriate comments and forced to watch explicit movies while at Ganesh Acharya’s office.

Furthermore, the woman claimed that when she objected, the other person began harassing her. The woman also claimed that as a result, her membership with the Indian Film Television Choreographers Association was cancelled after six months. Additionally, the woman further claimed in her testimony that Acharya had sexually abused other women as well.