Despite the conflict with Ukraine, Russia provided India this wonderful news



Despite the conflict in Ukraine, Russia will complete the delivery of the S-400 Air Defense Missile System to India on schedule. In fact, Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov stated in a statement that the delivery of the S-400 system to India is proceeding according to the timeline set by Russia. Let us remind you that the Russian Ambassador’s speech came at a time when there was worry that, as a result of Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine, military equipment provided to India would be delayed. “The supply of the S-400 system is continuing well as scheduled,” Alipov stated.

On the 75th anniversary of the establishing of diplomatic relations between India and Russia, the Ambassador made this remark in a foreword published in the journal ‘Russia Digest.’ ‘Yes, today’s Russia-India collaboration is one of the most comprehensive in the world,’ he said. ‘Make something distinctive.’

As you may know, Russia began delivering the first regiment of S-400 missile systems in December of last year, with the second regiment following in April. Simultaneously, this missile system has been installed in such a way that it may cover parts of the northern border with China as well as the Pakistani border. Russia, on the other hand, had previously stated in March that “Western sanctions against it will have no impact on the supply of S-400 missile systems to India.”

Following the invasion on Ukraine, all Western countries, including the United States, put various sanctions on Russia. Despite the pressure, India, like with Ukraine, is playing a neutral stance in the Russia situation. Let us also remind you that in October 2018, India and Russia agreed to buy 5 S-400 air defence missile systems for a total cost of $5 billion. India was able to secure this arrangement despite the Trump administration’s threat of implementing penalties at the time.