Demolition in Prayagraj: Records reveal that the activist’s wife is the owner, and she has paid the water bill and tax


Parveen Fatima paid a water bill of Rs 4,578, according to a document provided by Jal Kal Vibhag, Prayagraj, dated February 8.

* A certificate issued by Prayagraj Nagar Nigam on January 28 reveals that Parveen Fatima owns Home No. 39C/2A/1 and that the house tax for the fiscal year 2020-2021 has been paid.

YET, with only a day’s warning, the Prayagraj administration razed the house on Sunday, claiming that the construction was done in contravention of the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Act, 1973.

The letter, which included a house number, was sent to Parveen Fatima’s husband, Mohammad Javed, an activist and businessman who was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of organising violent rallies against disrespectful remarks about the Prophet.

“The PDA (Prayagraj Development Authority) issued a notice to my father and demolished my mother’s residence,” Javed and Fatima’s younger daughter Sumaiya Fatima told The Indian Express. My mother Parveen Fatima’s father, Kaleemuddin Siddiqui, owned the residence. Over two decades ago, he gave it to my mother. We started with the ground floor and added two more floors afterwards.”

“Since then, no government body has warned us it was built unlawfully,” Sumaiya, 19, added. My mother is responsible for the property tax, water tax, and power connections. All of the taxes were paid on time. No authority has ever warned us that our house was built incorrectly before Sunday.”

“The construction of 25 x 60 feet was done without receiving permission on the ground and first floor,” read the notice posted on the house’s gate.

“The house demolished on Sunday is in the name of Parveen Fatima, wife of Mohammad Javed; the notice was delivered to Javed Mohammad on Saturday,” counsel K K Roy, who is representing Javed’s family, told The Indian Express on Sunday. The property of the wife does not belong to the husband, according to Muslim law.”

Demolition squad (editorial)
PDA secretary Ajeet Singh and zonal officer Ajay Kumar both declined to respond when asked about the apparent irregularities. Sanjay Kumar Khatri, the District Magistrate, was unavailable for comment.

“We send notice to the person who undertakes building on the land after collecting details from local neighbours,” a senior PDA official said on the condition of anonymity. We have nothing to do with land ownership.”

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“There was a stone plaque on the boundary wall with ‘Javed M’ written on it,” the official responded when asked directly about Javed’s case. Locals told us that the house belongs to Mohammad Javed, so he was served with a notice.”

The Indian Express went to the spot on Monday and discovered a wooden table and chairs in an open plot nearby. Despite the fact that most neighbouring houses’ doors were shut, a steady stream of people from adjacent towns came to observe the rubble left behind by the bulldozer.

Sumaiya is now staying with her mother at a relative’s house in Roshan Bagh, according to her.

“On Sunday, only my sister-in-law Zeenat Masroor was present when the PDA team arrived at the house to demolish it. She was able to remove certain items from the residence with the help of some relatives. “Whatever she failed to remove was run over by the bulldozer,” Sumaiya explained.

Sumaiya’s elder brother’s wife, Masroor, has returned to her parents’ home in the district with her two small children, she claimed. Sumaiya’s older sister, Afreen, is a former JNU student and activist.

Sumaiya claims that the police “framed” her father in the matter and are “falsely” claiming that firearms and other items were recovered from the property. The allegations have been refuted by the police.

In the presence of District Magistrate Khatri and SSP Ajay Kumar, the destruction was carried out.