Delhi: Police are investigating why a 62-year-old priest was battered to death



In the national capital’s Sonia Vihar, a case of the purported lynching of a 62-year-old priest has surfaced. The incident occurred the previous day. The priest was taken to JPC Hospital for treatment after suffering significant injuries, and from there, he was sent to GTB Hospital. Late in the evening, the priest passed away while undergoing treatment.

According to reports, the Sonia Vihar police station received word that a priest had been severely battered by the youth at around 5.40 am on Wednesday. The police crew that arrived on the scene after getting the information admitted the hurt priest to JPC Hospital. Soni Ram, a 62-year-old inhabitant of Sonia Vihar, has been identified as the injured individual during the investigation.

It was discovered during the questioning of witnesses that a man by the name of Sonu Bhatt beat the priest Soni Ram, which led to other witnesses beating the accused Sonu Bhatt as well. At this point, Sonu Bhatt also suffered critical wounds. Sonu is currently receiving treatment at the Trauma Center of Delhi Civil Lines.

Soni Ram, who suffered major injuries as a result of the beating, was taken to GTB Hospital due to his health. The injured Soni Ram was asked to provide a statement by the police, but he was unable to do so due to his injuries. Soni Ram reportedly passed away in the middle of her therapy late in the evening. Although the authorities are still looking into the case, the cause of the murder is not yet established.