Crisis in Lanka: Cong shows support for the populace


The Congress expressed on Sunday its hope that New Delhi would continue to support the people and administration of Sri Lanka as they navigate the challenges of the country’s worst-ever political and economic crisis.

In the “time of severe crisis,” the main opposition party declared its support for Sri Lanka and its people and hoped they would be able to overcome it.

“The Indian National Congress has been monitoring the changing political climate in Sri Lanka with alarm. The people there are experiencing extreme hardship and anguish as a result of the economic difficulties, increased costs, and shortages of food, gasoline, and other necessities, according to Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi.

She voiced her support for Sri Lanka and its people through this dire crisis and wished them luck in getting through it.

As Sri Lanka deals with the challenges of the present scenario, she stated, “we hope that India will continue to support the people and government of Sri Lanka.” She also asked all nations to provide Sri Lanka their support and aid.