Conflicts between two groups and over postings in support of Nupur Sharma in Bihar



Patna: The violent occurrences in the controversy involving the Prophet and the suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma are continuing. A fight has already broken out between two community teenagers in Arrah, Bihar, over a post in support of Nupur. The event happened at Arrah’s Ram Garhia Mohalla. The youths from both sides got into a brawl here, which was quite fierce. However, as soon as word of the assault reached authorities, a large police presence arrived and immediately got to work on the investigation.

This resulted in Umesh Kolhe’s murder:

On June 21, a 54-year-old chemist named Umesh Kolhe was killed in the Maharashtra city of Amravati. Fanatics who were incensed by posts in support of Nupur Sharma on social media assassinated the chemist.

When Kanhaiyalal was killed in Udaipur,

The same thing happened in Udaipur on June 28 when a cashier named Kanhaiyalal was brutally killed by breaking into the store. Additionally, Kanhaiyalal posted something in support of Nupur Sharma. Kanhaiyalal has been the target of ongoing threats ever since. Kanhaiyalal also closed the store for five days as a result of these threats. He was later murdered by two zealots, nevertheless.