Clean Non Stick Cookware in these 4 steps, utensils will not get spoiled


Non-Stick Cookware Cleaning Tips: The trend of nonstick cookware has increased rapidly in the last few decades, and today they have become a part of our kitchen. A lot of care has to be taken with this type of utensil, so we use a spatula or a silicone spatula for this. If steel scrub is used for its cleaning, then the Teflon coating starts to crumble. That’s why you have to take some care to clean the nonstick pan or griddle. Many times such cookware becomes very dirty, in such a situation soft cleaning does not give a proper cleaning. Let us know how this work can be done in easy steps. 

How to clean nonstick cookware

1. Let the cookware cool completely

When you are finished cooking, wait for your nonstick cookware to cool completely. Soaking or washing a hot pan in cold water can corrode the surface of the pan while cleaning it after it has cooled is a wiser choice.

2. Wash with warm soapy water.
When the pan has cooled, use warm water mixed with dish soap or dishwashing liquid to remove any food, oil, or grease from its surface. Now take the help of Sponge.

3. Do not use
soap or dish wash liquid directly Some people drop soap or dish wash liquid directly on the nonstick cookware, which is not the right way, for this you apply soap or liquid in the sponge and then slowly- Gently remove the dirt from the pan.

4. Dry the utensil
Now finally dry the nonstick cookware thoroughly, you can use a soft cloth or microfibre cloth for this, place your cookware on a vertical dish rack or use a paper towel to protect nonstick surfaces from scratches Keep towel.