Chinese diplomat urges NATO not to use the Ukraine crisis to feed the flames of conflict



China’s permanent representative to the UN has urged with NATO not to use the Ukrainian crisis as a justification for intensifying bloc confrontation or a new Cold War.

“The Ukraine crisis has once again raised the alarm for the globe,” Zhang Jun said during a Tuesday UN Security Council briefing on Ukraine. “One cannot divide security. Security issues would eventually come from the expansion of military alliances, naive reliance on one’s position of strength, and the pursuit of one’s own security at the price of that of other nations “said Zhang.

Zhang claimed that NATO’s five eastward expansions not only failed to improve Europe’s security following the Cold War, but also sowed the seeds of conflict.

“The Cold War ended a long time ago. NATO must completely renounce the Cold War mentality that is based on bloc conflict and rethink its own views and commitments in order to build a balanced, effective, and long-lasting European security framework based on the principle of indivisible security “said he.

The envoy claims that China is very concerned about the political repercussions of NATO’s so-called “Strategic Concept” and that China closely observes NATO’s strategic shift. Citing recent statements made by some NATO officials posing as threats, Zhang emphasised that NATO itself has caused difficulty in numerous places of the world.