Can’t Lose Weight Despite Spending a Lot of Time in the Gym? Follow This Weight-Loss Diet for 7 Days


One of the most prevalent fitness goals that people pursue nowadays is losing weight and looking slimmer. In order to achieve this goal, many people purchase a gym membership and engage in daily strenuous training sessions, while others engage in alternative forms of exercise.

Despite burning a lot of calories and engaging in strenuous physical activity, not everyone is able to get the toned physique they seek. The problem, according to fitness gurus, is with the diet.

Losing weight is a simple concept: eat less and burn more. However, all types of food that offer vital macronutrients should be included in the diet. Today, we’re bringing you a simple eating plan that will help you lose weight quickly.

The first day

Start your day with a glass of cucumber detox water, regardless of when you wake up. It moisturises the body while also aiding weight loss. Eat a bowl of porridge with milk and some dry fruits about 1-2 hours later.

Two hours before lunch, eat 100 gms of skimmed milk paneer, followed by a bowl of mixed vegetable salad. It is permissible to eat whatever is prepared for lunch.

1-2 hours after lunch, consume freshly cut fruits and a glass of buttermilk. You don’t have to forego your tea in the evening, but you should consider using less or no sugar.

After the evening brunch, have another bowl of mixed veggies, then for dinner, have one chapatti with a bowl of dal and any curry.

For the remaining six days of the week, the diet is basically the same. However, because eating the same thing again and over might get old, we’ve put together a list of alternatives for you.

Day two

You can swap out the porridge for a bowl of curd, and coffee can take the place of tea in your diet.

3rd day

Breakfast should consist of multigrain bread and yoghurt for a change. If no other fruits are available after lunch, a banana can be substituted.

4th day

Breakfast can consist of an omelette (1 egg) and a fruit and nut yoghurt smoothie. Cooking chole and spinach for lunch and dinner will help you get the nutrients you need.

5th day

Lunch can consist of a cup of freshly sliced papaya mixed with buttermilk and a low-fat paneer stew served with a chapatti.

6th day

On Day 5, idli sambhar can be a delicious breakfast option. Choose any vegetable curry, such as brinjal or jackfruit, for lunch.

7th day

Breakfast consists of two besan chillas, while lunch consists of steaming rice with any curry. Dinner can be low-fat paneer dish and chapatti to round up the day.