Can Drinking Coffee Decrease the Risk of Kidney Damage? Find Out


A lot of people drink coffee all throughout the world. Here’s some good news if you’re a coffee lover too. According to a recent study that was published in Renal International Reports, drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily may lower the risk of kidney injury by 23%. A connection between acute kidney damage and coffee hasn’t been proven yet, though.

According to Dr. Sunil Prakash, senior director and head of the nephrology and renal transplantation unit at BLK Max Super Speciality Hospital, “It is a fairly large study and is being looked at with interest as researchers investigated the effects of coffee consumption on acute kidney injury (AKI), which occurs when the kidneys suddenly lose all or some of their function. They discovered that while consuming any amount of coffee lowers the risk of acute renal injury, consuming 2-3 cups daily is most advantageous. One cannot completely rule out the impact of one’s own prejudice and the data collection process in reaching the lauded conclusions.

Caffeine, diterpenes, and chlorogenic acid are substances found in coffee that may be good for your health. Although less researched, other chemicals in coffee, such as chlorogenic acid and trigonelline, are known to reduce oxidative stress and overall inflammation.

Despite the fact that numerous research claim coffee has health benefits, Dr. Sunil Prakash cautioned against making hasty judgments at this time because the beverage is widely consumed and any favourable claims about it will be covered by the media and seen by millions of people. “Although coffee enhances renal flow, it is also linked in creating renal stones,” he cautions the public.

The doctor continued by adding that while coffee may help to reduce AKI, consumers shouldn’t draw any immediate conclusions before taking into account all relevant medical information.