By 2023, Baja Auto will sell its electric scooter in 75 cities



Bajaj Auto is considering improving the country’s sales infrastructure for its Chetak electric scooter by expanding the model’s total number of sales sites to 75 cities. Due to the scooter’s high demand, the firm chose to extend its sales infrastructure from the scooter’s original two sales centres in Bengaluru and Pune.

According to a company-released Annual Report for 2021–22, “The business has grown the touchpoints to 20 locations in FY 2022 in response to the fervent demand for this iconic concept. In FY 2023, this is projected to increase to 75.” Booking for the model had to be halted when it was first launched back in 2020 because to the covid-19-induced lockout.

According to the claim, “we reopened online bookings on April 13, 2021, but we had to suspend 48 hours later due to excessive demand.” According to the corporation, 8,187 e-scooters were sold during the previous fiscal year.

“We are dedicated to advancing electric vehicles (EVs). The first example is Chetak. Chetak Technology Ltd.’s establishment as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bajaj Auto will support EV research, development, production, and sales “The business declared. We aim to be a significant player in this market because these are the cars of the future, Bajaj Auto told shareholders.

“There is no question in my mind—or in yours, for that matter—that Bajaj Auto has a full line of profitable two- and three-wheelers that can dramatically grow domestic and global market share and generate larger sales, revenues, and profits. In contrast, your company has never faced a global supply constraint as severe as the one it is currently experiencing due to the extreme scarcity of semiconductors in my years as a fiduciary of your company “explained he.

“It is hard to say when this supply shortage will ease. However, until then, this will limit your business’s production levels, just as it will for all other automakers “said Bajaj.