BJP responds as Cong issues severe legal warning regarding doctored Rahul video


In a harsh reaction, the BJP said Congress leaders should apologise for making “baseless” accusations against the BJP and RSS or prepare to face consequences after the Congress on Sunday advised the BJP and some media outlets to stop manipulating facts to “defame” the party and its leaders.

On Saturday, a FIR was filed in Jaipur against a TV station for broadcasting a doctored video of Congressman Rahul Gandhi. Rajyavardhan Rathore, a former Union minister and BJP spokesperson, was also charged with spreading “deliberately forged and misleading reportage” about Gandhi’s remarks in Kerala.

For “propagating fake news” and sharing the doctored video in which Gandhi’s comments about SFI leaders, who allegedly ransacked his Wayanad office, were “mischievously” used to suggest he was condoning or forgiving the killers of tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, Congress leader and head of media and publicity Pawan Khera said more such action will be taken against the BJP and its leaders.

He claimed that the alleged footage had already been removed from the air and that the channel had apologised after acknowledging its error, but he noted that significant harm had already been done.

Khera issued a warning, stating that the Congress would take strong and appropriate legal action against anyone spreading untrue information about its leadership. He said that the Congress’ “decency should not be confused for its shackle.”

The former information and broadcasting minister Rajyavardhan Rathore, who is from Rajasthan, is accused by the Congress lawmaker of sharing the video “irresponsibly,” and several BJP members are said to have followed suit.

Rathore responded to Khera’s tweet in Hindi by stating that the Congressmen who made the “baseless claims” against the RSS and the BJP would be held accountable.

The BJP spokeswoman stated that Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders “will now have to apologise, or else they should be ready to face stern legal action.”

They would have to deal with the repercussions, Rathore stated in the tweet, “the manner in which these persons are making attempts to deflect investigation and distract public attention by levelling spurious claims against the RSS and the BJP.”

Additionally, Udaipur suspect allegedly spotted with BJP politicians was uploaded on Twitter by Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh, who claimed the image revealed the “reality” of the BJP’s patriotism.

Rathore also received a response from Khera, who shared the images and inquired about the BJP’s ties to the terrorists. Is it just a coincidence or are you using them? The whole nation is waiting. Respond to them. Khera noted that this specific incident takes on a very severe aspect since it affects the nation’s communal cohesion and remarked, “You cannot inflame passions by doctoring recordings and provocation of individuals and communities.” “This FIR was filed against the channel, the members of parliament, and the top BJP officials. Action will then escalate. Because anyone who believes that our decency is our chain has tragically misunderstood. We are free to remove the ornament and pursue legal action because it is our ornament. The days when we maintained our decency by closely observing the BJP and its IT cell are long gone, he remarked.

The Congress, according to Khera, will remind those in charge of their “Raj Dharma” and constitutional pledge.

When asked if Rathore is included in the FIR, he responded that it just mentions the channel and a few other people so far, but that more names will be added soon.

In a different tweet, Khera responded to Rathore who had shared images of two terrorists who had been apprehended in Kashmir on Sunday, one of whom was also thought to be affiliated with the BJP. Khera claimed, “The funny thing is that these terrorists are also BJP members, wondering who is their patron.”