BJP membership is open to everyone, even Congressman Kamal Nath


Kamal Nath, the head of the Madhya Pradesh Congress, stated on Monday that anyone who wants to leave the party and join the BJP is free to do so since his party will not obstruct them.

Whoever wishes to join the BJP may do so. No one is to be stopped by us. I would lend my automobile to Congress leaders if they wanted to join BJP in order to assess what their future held there. The former chief minister declared that Congress will not prevent anyone from resigning.

Nath addressed reporters, “Do you think the party is over just because someone exits Congress?” People act according to their own intentions, he said, and nothing is done under duress.

Eight Congress legislators in Goa switched to the BJP last week. Numerous well-known leaders have lately quit Congress, including veteran leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, who recently declared his intention to found his own party.