Bipasha Basu and her mother and husband Karan Singh Grover participate in the baby shower ritual, or “shaad”


When Shaad, a Bengali ritual, was observed, Bipasha Basu, who is expecting her first child, published videos and images from the event on her Instagram page. The several posts that she published late on Thursday also included her mother and her spouse Karan Singh Grover. Bengalis celebrate a ritual called Shaad during which they treat expectant women to their favourite meals.

After publishing a video, she wrote, “Shaadh Aamaar You’re the finest, Ma #mamatobe #shaadh #mymommy.” In the video, Bipasha’s mother Mamata Basu and mother-in-law Deepa Singh performed arti for her and applied a tilak on her forehead.

For the occasion, she wore a pink silk saree and coordinating bangles, and a few other women also gave her blessings. Bipasha was also spotted stuffing her face with food from a tray that was surrounded by numerous bowls of different foods.

Additionally, Bipasha posted a couple photos in which she posed beside her mother and hubby. She wrote that she aspired to be a mother like her own. She also posted photos of Karan posing with her and placing his hand on her growing baby bulge.

Last month, Bipasha and Karan revealed they were expecting their first child together.

She penned, “A new era, stage, or light lends yet another distinct hue to our life’s prism. a little more entire than we were before. We each started out in this life on our own, but once we connected, we became a pair. We felt it was a little unfair to witness so much love between just the two of us, but very soon, we will each be joined by a third person. Our baby, a manifestation of our love, will soon join us and increase our joy “She composed. She also showed Karan some images from her pregnancy photoshoot.