Bikinis are not permitted here, however if you do, you will be fined Rs. 40000/-



Bikini wearers are not permitted to go around a well-known tourist destination. Anyone detected doing so will face severe fines. They can be required to pay a fine of more than $40,000. The locals’ concern prompted the administration to take this action.

The occurrence occurred in the Naples and Pompeii coastline region of Italy. The mayor of this city reportedly issued an order. It states that anyone seen performing in public while wearing a bikini, a shirtless garment, or other low-cut attire may face consequences.

In reality, the beachside residents said that visitors who came to spend the holidays at the local tourist attractions dressed less and behaved “indecently.” People experience troubles as a result and are uneasy. The mayor acknowledged the complaint and informed the beachgoers that anyone caught acting inappropriately in “low garments” could face a 425 pound punishment (more than 40 thousand rupees). According to the mayor, locals worry that tourist traffic is degrading the “prestige” and “quality of life” of the coastal city. Police personnel will patrol the roadways and coastal regions in this case to make sure the law is being observed. Anyone caught in swimwear or without a shirt will be fined. According to a local journalist, this tourism destination draws significant numbers of visitors. They walk through the city’s streets in addition to moving about in the centre. Some people find this to be uncomfortable. Many beach regions have previously implemented these regulations.