Bihar Politics: Upendra Kushwaha is not stopping even Nitish’s stop! Now gave this big statement in front of everyone


Upendra Nitish Kumar Dispute: In Bihar’s ruling party JDU (JDU), the war of words continues between CM Nitish Kumar and party leader Upendra Kushwaha. Today, Upendra Kushwaha hit back at CM Nitish Kumar by holding a press conference. Upendra Kushwaha said that JDU has been irrigated with blood and sweat. Even if Nitish Kumar himself says, I will not leave the party. For some time, some things are being said about me and the Chief Minister is also promoting those things. Apart from this, some people are also saying that an agreement has been reached with RJD. I reiterate my demand to call a meeting of JDU’s National Executive.

Upendra Kushwaha will not leave JDU

JDU’s parliamentary board chief Upendra Kushwaha said that even if Nitish Kumar himself asks me to leave JDU, he will not do it. I have taken responsibility. I will fight to save this party. I am disappointed with the condition JDU is in today.

Gave this advice to the Chief Minister

Apart from this, party leader Upendra Kushwaha while advising Nitish Kumar said that I just want to tell the Chief Minister that he should identify who is his own and who is a stranger.

Nitish Kumar hit back

Significantly, the reply of CM Nitish Kumar has come on Upendra Kushwaha’s statement. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said have you ever seen anyone repeatedly saying outside the things happening within the political party? People talk at the party. I only have affection, it doesn’t matter if someone leaves the party. All this has no meaning for JDU.